RPQ Slurry Seal Street Repair – April 2023 Schedule for week 3 and 4

Hello Friends and Neighbors, a quick heads up, the street slurry sealing is coming back to RPQ.

The latest round of street slurry sealing is coming to RPQ neighborhood streets over the next few weeks.  See the pdfs to see the newest streets

S2221_Week 3_RPMS Slurry Seal_Schedule

S2221_Week 4_RPMS Slurry Seal_Schedule


If your streets have deep and dangerous potholes, please submit a notification to the street division here, https://getitdone.sandiego.gov/TSWNewReport?-type=Pothole

4 thoughts on “RPQ Slurry Seal Street Repair – April 2023 Schedule for week 3 and 4

  • How are the streets determined? What about Calle de Las Rosas at Rancho Penasquitos Blvd? This neighborhood has not been repaved in years.

    • The slurry schedule and total street repair are on different schedules. I know it’s frustrating. The best way to report ‘big and deeper’ holes is through the get it done app for street repair. Covid juskeep delayed an already heavy schedule. I’m not offering excuses; it is what it is. We have to keep our resilience and composure and keep asking.

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