San Diego County Fair Banners Available August 1 2024

A colorful poster for the san diego county fair.

Hello ‘Go Retro’ Models,

Thank you for modeling for the San Diego Street Banner Campaign, Go Retro! this year!   It was great to see you on the street poles around town!

We will have the banners available to purchase on August 1, 2024. 

CLICK THE LINKS BELOW to make your pre-payment purchase/donation.

One Banner – $30.00

Two Banners – $50.00 

Banners will be available at Brian Reschke’s house.  Please send him your purchase confirmation and arrange to pick up from his place. Email: [email protected]  NOTE – The banners are very dirty!  Bring gloves to sort through the stacks and a large black garden trashbag to transport.

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