Save PQ Fireworks Show!

Saving the traditions of our community is what we are striving for!

It has been many years since our community managed the local Fireworks Show.  The city of San Diego has eliminated the Parks & Rec funding for our local Fireworks show and we are back to relying on our own means to ensure we keep our Summer tradition going!


Brian Reschke brought the news about the funding changes to the RP Town Council and we are doing our part to Save the PQ Fireworks Show with your help!  You can donate today on the GoFundMe page,

7 thoughts on “Save PQ Fireworks Show!

  • Please let us know if you are still taking donations, We must keep the wonderful tradition going.

    • Hi Lori, We are accepting donations for 2020. The funds received for the 2019 show will be kept in the Fireworks fund and/or refunded to those who choose that option. I agree 100%, we must keep PQ Fireworks going and we have begun the fundraising for 2020. You can donate on the ‘gofundme page’, and, if you’d like to help us get the message out you can share this donation link,

      I think the city of San Diego’s budget shortfalls caused the restructuring of all funds collected by the city for basic maintenance citywide; no longer allowing ‘earmarked’ funds to be kept for PQ where they were collected. It’s up to us to fundraise to keep our traditions alive.

  • I didn’t find out about the fund raiser until today actually.. hopefully we spread the word a bit for 2020.

    • Hi Ethan,
      We are holding our 1st fundraising event August 24th, 2019 at the Christensen Realty Group ‘Movie In The Park’ at Penasquitos Creek. All concession proceeds will be donated to the firework show 2020. Tell your friends and join us. If you would like to help us raise awareness we would appreciate your support!

  • I’m sorry I can’t make it to the September meeting due to a work commitment, but I will reach out to the council in the next few days to see if you want assistance with fund raising ideas or coordination.

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