Rancho Penasquitos Town Council August 05, 2021 Monthly Meeting


August 5, 2021, Monthly Meeting Location: ZOOM Room Mtg 1.5 hours

Friends and Neighbors, please join us tonight for our monthly meeting via zoom.  If you would like to attend please email the president by 4 PM to receive login credentials, email: [email protected]  and follow us on Instagram @RanchoPenasquitosTown .


  1. Call to Order: 7:30 PM
  2. Pledge of Allegiance: 7:32 PM
  3. President`s Remarks: 7:35 PM
  4. Roll Call: 7:38 PM
  1. Community Event Announcements: 7:40 PM
  2. PQ5K Fun Run “ August 14, 2021, https://pq5kfunrun.org/event-info.html
  3. COVID-19 Update: Cases up 400% in last two weeks, 75% of Residents are at least partially vaccinated.
  4. Friends of Los Peñasquitos Preserve “ Hikes in May, https://www.penasquitos.org/hikes-events
  5. Rancho Penasquitos Branch Library “ Contactless Open and Virtual events: https://sandiego.librarymarket.com/?branches[764]=764&branches[442]=442&branches[417]=417
  6. Rancho YMCA “ Camps and Pools are now Open https://www.ymcasd.org/programs


  1. Administrative Matters 7:45 PM
    1. Agenda Modifications
    2. Approval of outstanding Minutes 2020 “ July, 2021

Representative Reports: 7:50 PM *Some Representative may not be present“ We will skip to the 1st available

Visit online sites for updates until further notice

  1. San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Battalion Chief Fry
  2. San Diego Police Department, Northeastern Substation (Officer Julie Dragt: ([email protected])
  3. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, (Michaela Valk @ [email protected])
  4. S. Congressman 52nd District, Scott Peters (Jason Bercovitch: [email protected]) https://scottpeters.house.gov/
  5. CA State Senator District 39, Senator Toni Atkins (Diana Lara: [email protected]) https://sd39.senate.ca.gov/district
  6. CA State 77th Assembly District, Member Brian Maienschein (Rik Hauptfeld: [email protected]) https://a77.asmdc.org/
  7. San Diego County, District 3 Supervisor Terra Lawson, (Evlyn Andreda: [email protected] )https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/bos/district3.html
  8. San Diego City Council, Fifth District Marni von Wilpert, (Jack Hoeprich: [email protected]), https://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd5
  9. San Diego City Council, Sixth District Chris Cates (Luis Pallera [email protected]) https://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd6/staff/cate

Public Commentary: 8:00 PM Limited to 3 minutes. No dialogue

  1. Guest Speakers:  None
  1. New Business 8:40 PM
  1. New Member “ Frank Xu
  2. Holding Funds for the Rancho Peñasquitos Fire Safe Counsel for a few months – $2,500.00
  3. Disaster Preparedness Seminar “ Rancho Penasquitos Fire Safe Council September 11 or 25th. Location TBD/ZOOM
  4. RPPB EOP Financial Management Response Leter “ Escrow account management for Community Projects – $1.5M NTE 15 years at the fee cost to manage the fund.
  5. 990 Tax Prep/Filing “ FS Tax Group payment “ NTE $500
  6. 2021-2022 Annual Budget
  1. Committee/Representative Reports: 8:45 PM 3 minutes each
    1. Executive Reports: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, VP

PresidentCommunity Events Committee Assignments:

      • Spooktacular Committee Formation – Explore all options for Spooktacular Event ranging from elaborate $20K event to version from 2020. Event Venue reservations 2 day event, October 23rd & 24th 2021, PLC.
      • Fiesta Committee Formation -$40K expenses for the event – Fiesta Subcommittee to conduct Feasibility Study
      • Fireworks Committee Formation – $40K July 3rd, 2022. Fireworks Subcommittee to conduct Feasibility Study
      • Fundraising Education and Training Account – Online Portal – Get Fully Funded, getfullyfunded.com
      • Conflict of Interest (COI) “ All Board signatures are required immediately.

Treasurer: July 2021 Financial Statement “ See Attachments below

Committee Reports

Community Partners & Events/Membership Committee “ Kate Glenn:

      1. Five New Community Partners: Wave Church, Off the 56, Frescos Pizza, ILendGirl, JJLaw
      2. New Member Application Update
      3. Fiesta “ Kate Glenn “
        1. CCSD FY21 Renewed as FY22 Approved $5K Reimbursable Grant,
        2. FY22:CPPS(RFQ) Application accepted 7/30. Award notification 8/30 TBD (D5 & D6 Funds)

Government Affairs “ Dave DeVries “ No Report

Grants “ Alan Gin “ No Grants being written until further notice.

Safety & Health “ RPFSC, Mike Shoecraft – September Disaster Preparedness Planning

Web~Print~Social Media “ Kate Glenn & Darwin Villaruz “ see below

Ad Hoc “ Redistricting Committee 2021 “ Ralph Peters “ See below

Ad Hoc “ Ethics/Bylaws Committee. Tim Dougherty “ See Attached.

Representative Reports

Community Leaders Forum (Jim Hogan) “ No report

Maintenance Assessment District (Brian Reschke) “ submit via email – no report

Parks & Rec Council (Theresa Gonzaga) “ No Report submitted

Planning Board “ (Tim Dougherty)

Poway Unified School District “ Jamal Felton No Meeting in July

Community School Collaborative (Roger Platt) “No meeting to report

  • Town Council Members Comments: 8:50 PM (3 minutes per person, no discussion)
  • Adjourn: 9:00 PM

   Thank you to our Community Partners

Fox Graphics

Roger Platt “ Centurion Pest Control

Kate Glenn “ Pawtails Petcare Platinum

Beth Kiernan “ Bronze                                    

Wave Church

Bern McGovern-Off the 56

Bridget Palemino Realtor

Brian Reschke “ PQ Properties Platinum

Jocelyn Lomahan “ Home byJocelyn Platinum

Frescos Pizz-e-ria


        Rancho de Los Peñasquitos Town Council Members for 2020-22

District 1 (Adobe Bluffs)

Kate Glenn (2022) President

Roger Platt (2023) Treasurer

District 2 (Canyon View)

Ranessa Santos-Packard (2022), Secretary

District 3 (Deer Canyon)

Alan Gin, (2022) Parliamentarian

Michael Jones (2022)

District 4 (Los Peñasquitos

Braden Overggard (2023)

District 5 (Park Village)

Beth Kiernan, (2023)

Timothy Dougherty (2022)

District 6 (Rolling Hills)

Brian Reschke (2022) VP

District 7 (Sundance)

Jim Hogan (2023)

Dave DeVries (2022)

District 8 (Sunset Hills)

Theresa Gonzaga (2022)

Jamal Felton (2022) D8

District 9 (Torrey Highlands)

Darwin Villaruz (2022)

Members at Large

Ralph Peters (2022) D1

Matthew Megna, (2022) D7

Jocelyn Lomahan (2022)D5

 Active Committees & Current Committee Members

 There is still room on these committees for you!  Reach out, join us in making a positive difference for RP! Sign Up today!

 Community Partners/Fundraising/Membership “ Kate Glenn, Chair, Brian Reschke. Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours. Contact us to get involved @[email protected]

Web, Print & Social Media-  Darwin Villaruz & Kate GlennMonthly Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours or less. Contact us to get involved@ [email protected]

Community Events “ Spooktacular, Fiesta: Kate Glenn, Chair, Brian Reschke. Monthly Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours or less. Contact us to get involved @[email protected]

Banner District “ Kate Glenn, Chair, Ralph Peters. Contact Kate Glenn @ [email protected]

Health & Safety “ Niel Marmetto, Mike Shoecraft, Dennis Spurr. Fire Safety Seminars, Coyote Abatement and Health Fairs. Contact @[email protected].

Adhoc “ Re-Districting Committee “ Ralph Peters, Chair,Beth Kiernan, Tim Dougherty, Matt Megna.  Zoom Mtgs are held twice a month, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Contact the Chair @ [email protected]

Adhoc “ Ethics Committee “ Alan Gin, Chair, Tim Dougherty, Co-Chair. Members: Ranessa Santos-Packard, Jamal Felton, and Roger Platt, Beth Kiernan

Executive Board “ Monthly Meetings on the Tuesday a week prior to the monthly Board Mtg via Zoom.  Kate Glenn, President, Brian Reschke, VP, Alan Gin, Parliamentarian, Roger Platt, Treasurer.


Adhoc “ Redistricting Committee-Ralph Peters

Report of RPTC Redistricting Subcommittee Chair July 27, 2021

The TC Redist Subcomm has circulated a survey via our e-mail list, concerning community preferences as to district boundaries and /or community affiliations. 262 PQ residents responded. To summarize the responses, the vast vast majority of respondents were in favor a united PQ, and remaining in a district comprised of other PUSD communities, such as Rancho Bernardo, Carmel Mountain Ranch, and Sabre Springs.

Other than the survey, there has not much activity by the Redist Subcomm in the months of June-July. There has been some sharing of information, data, and news articles by committee members. And of course considerable speculation as to what is in the collective mind of the Redistricting Commission. One thing that is sure, is that District 3, with a 25% increase in population, will see much of its borders changed.

To give RPTC members a rough idea of the timeline, due to Covid and prior Administration delays, the Commission and the public won`t get the final Census data until September (at the earliest, late August). That means realistically, no proposed district maps showing proposed new alignments will be drawn for two or three weeks after the data drops. Once maps are drawn, there will be at least three Commission sessions devoted to public comment; prior to this, I have read that the Commission has started holding public outreach meetings in City communities, which will provide opportunities for communities to argue that they should remain together in an existing district or not be grouped with other communities. Kate has requested such a visit by Redistricting Commission members.

Taking into account the delay in receipt of census data, California has pushed its state-wide deadline for finalized maps to Dec.15. The deadline can`t really be extended further because of the June 2022 primaries. As we on the TC are acutely aware, this postponement in map completion is making a bit of a muddle of the race to replace Councilman Chris Cate in District 6.

RWP 7/27/21

 Adhoc Ethics/Bylaws Committee

 Tim Dougherty, Chairperson To: Town Council Date: July 30, 2021

Below is a summary of the last month of Committee Activity

  1. Last Town Council meeting, July 1, the Committee presented the suggested bylaws updates regarding Conflict of Interest. This was approved.
  2. The committee met on July 15. We discussed the geographic boundaries of District 9 and agreed on a recommendation which will be communicated in a future report and/or Town Council Meeting.
  3. Next meeting is July 29, 2021(cancelled).

We are mostly meeting every other Thursday. If you would like to attend a meeting please send me an email. [email protected]. 4. All minutes and agendas have been sent to the Town Council Executive Board.  Thank You. Tim Dougherty

Web/Print/Social Media

Darwin Villaruz-Webmaster- Kate Glenn, Chair 

Platform Likes Visits/Reach Sessions Top Pages/Posts Ad Cost
Facebook 18,162 N/A Laser Light Show
Instagram 8.9% Increase N/A Laser Light Show Included above
Twitter 16 16 4 Laser Light Show
Google My Business N/A 485/4Calls N/A Laser Light Show 0
Website Pages N/A 4,181 Up 27.4% Laser Light Show 0
Website Pages N/A 2,500 Laser Light Show 0
Website Pages N/A 878 878 Confirmations Laser Light Show 0
Website Pages N/A 822 822 RSVP Laser Light Show 0
Website Pages 1 Blog Post
Event Brite N/A 631 631 Laser Light Show $7.76

All platforms: 70% Mobile visitors, 27,4% Desktop, 2.6% Tablet

Annual Change: FB Up 22.7%, Instagram Up 25.7%

Audience: 74% Women-35-44 yrs old, 25.6% Men-45-54yrs old

 *Website theme is outdated, broken plug-ins nonresponsive. Can not apply updates without crashing the system.  Shopping for web platform/website.


Community Partners Committee – Kate Glenn, Chair, Committee Member Brian Reschke

*Four  New Platinum Community Partners in July.

  Wave Church ~ Off The 56 ~Frescos Pizziria ~ ILendGirl

 COMMUNITY EVENTS  Committee- Kate Glenn, Chair

Event Recap: Laser Light Show Recap July 3rd 2021 

Vendors/Donors Use Name Contact Revenue Expenses
Artistic Laser Productions Laser Co Paula Steger 760-802-2752   $5,000
WVHS Stadium Stadium Facilitron PUSD District Office Duscha,



Home Depot, Ace hardware Banner Frames       $32.33
Smart & Final Water, Décor, Tickets       $80.64
Party City Décor       $189.44
Staples Wrist Bands, Tape       $61.87
Staples Wrist Bands, Square Reader & Dock       $168.00
99 Cent Store (2 reciepts) Décor       $96.26
Oriental Trading Co Give-Aways       $103.70
Fox Graphics Kiosk Board       $150.00
Eye Snap Photography Drone Photography and Video       $500.00
DJ ManCat   Beau Doiron [email protected]   $500.00
Breakwater Insurance GL Ins Ryan [email protected]    


FB Ads Promotion     $209.15
RB Signs 4×6 Banners Tom [email protected]



Guests RSVP “ Website 3,116      
Guests RSVP“ Eventbrite   631      
Red Ticket Count   927      
Wrist Bands   600      
Official Guest Count 1,527      
Mexico City Cuisine Food Truck Leo Garcia [email protected]    
Southern Snowballs Food Truck Virginia Lorne [email protected]    
Beachin Boba Food Truck Virginia Lorne [email protected]    
Wave Church Sponsor   $2,000.00  
Off the 56 Sponsor   $1,500.00  
Fresco Pizz-e-ria Sponsor      $200.00  
ILendGirl Sponsor      $100.00  
Ticket Sales Website     $1,367.00  
Ticket Sales Refunded       $1,367.00
Ticket Sales EBrite     $796.00  
Ticket Sales Refund EBrite          $796.00
Community Volunteers           17      
TC Members           11      
Summary Total     $5,963 $11,048.92

Treasurer –  Roger Platt: Financial Reports: Annual and Current

[pdf-embedder url=”https://rpcouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/RPTC-SofA_30June2021.pdf” title=”RPTC SofA_30June2021″]

RPTC Statement of Financial Position 31July 2021

[pdf-embedder url=”https://rpcouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/RPTCProposed-Budget-2021-22.pdf” title=”RPTCProposed Budget 2021-22″]