Rancho Penasquitos Patriotic Laser Light Show July 3rd?

Are we ready to RE-OPEN Rancho Penasquitos with a Patriotic Laser Light Show on July 3rd, 2021?

The real question is ‘Can’ we make this happen for our Community? Take the Survey Today and let us know if you’re in, or out!   We need to hear from you by Sunday, June 20, 2021.

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This survey ends June 20, 2021 at 12:30 AM

Please come back and visit, we look forward to hearing from you!

26 thoughts on “Rancho Penasquitos Patriotic Laser Light Show July 3rd?

  • One of my friends got a retinal burn and had permanent damage from a laser light show for a New Year’s Eve celebration, so I am biased, but generally not in favor of laser shows. FYI the form doesn’t allow submission without signing up to volunteer (there is no “No” option in that list of values) so replies may not come in.

    • Hi RT,
      Thank you for alerting us to the bug in the survey. We have fixed them so I hope we can get a good response. Not sure how your friend was close enough to receive eye damage but I’m so sorry to hear this! I can assure you all attendee’s safety will be top priority.

    • Hi Michael,
      Thank you for talking to your neighbors! I hope they can spare a minute and take the survey! We are doing all we can to get the word out and the responses in! This COVID late re-opening has us scrambling to bring something awesome to RP for Independence day!

  • For future reference, when you announce that you need to hear from us by Sunday, June 20 in a headline, to most people that means *the end of the day*. Your survey ended 30 minutes into June 20! Not all of us follow the RP Town Council News on a daily basis…

    For the record, I vote YES so long as my taxes don’t go up. 😉 Kevin

    • Thank you so much for bringing the time stamp issue to our attention! I’ll fix that because your assumption of end of day was our intention. Please check back in a few minutes. And, Follow us on Insta @RanchoPenasquitosTown

    • Hi Marissa,
      We are a go for the Laser Light Show on July 3rd! Tickets are on sale now, $10 each. Gates open at 5 PM and Food Trucks will be there too

      • Was told tickets were free but we needed to RSVP. However, when I tried to submit your form to RSVP for 2, it bounced, stating someone with my email had already registered, and wouldn’t allow me to RSVP. Guess we can’t attend.

    • Hi Caleb,
      We are a go! Thank you for voting and please help us spread the event with your friends and neighbors! Tickets are $10 each.

  • I was late to the survey but my family and our other family friends here in PQ would LOVE this! Do we check back here to find out if it’s on?

    • Hi Alexis, We are a go! July 3rd is on! Tickets are on sale now and we are busy working to secure the Food Trucks and Fun! Please help us spread the event to help the community come together and celebrate Independence Day a day early.

  • Can you give me the agenda for that event .
    What time actually the laser show start?
    I understand , the door opens at 5 pm and food truck and all that .

    • Hi Ramo, I hope you enjoyed the event. We are looking forward to the next event and better web integration of event information across all our social media platforms to help deliver news you can use, timely! We hope you had an amazing experience and look forward to serving the community again in the near future.

  • Hi, are the tickets emailed to us? In purchased my tickets and only got a receipt but no e-ticket

    • Hi Simone, I know the whole electronic confirmation process was challenging on the front end and back end! I hope you attended. Our webmaster (volunteer) has been working behind the scenes to shore up our integrations so this doesn’t happen again. I hope you attended and had an amazing time!

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