Sienna’s Playground Revitalization Project Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Rolling Hills Park Revitalization Project-Sienna’s Playground Ribbon Cutting

The Palkovic Family has spent the last 7 years rallying the community to bring Sienna’s Playgarden revitalization project to Rolling Hills Park in Rancho Penasquitos.

Today’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony is an honorable recognition of Community Action Success for #92129 from San Diego Mayor Faulconer, Councilmember Mark Kersey, Supervisor Kristine Gaspar, San Diego Parks and Recreation and our very own home town Mascot, Mr. Bill Diehl, who was a mentor and guide for the project and our very own Theresa Gonzaga, a founding RPTC Member.

Recognizing Jennifer’s efforts to raise more than $250,000 to bring this Park project to fruition is something we can all tip our hats and be proud.  This is what Community looks like in Rancho Penasquitos.

Posted by Rancho Penasquitos Town Council on Friday, October 25, 2019