September 1st 2022, 7:00 PM Public Monthly Meeting

Neighbors, Friends, and Community Representatives

Join us for the September 1st, 2022, Public Meeting

Where: Rancho YMCA Upper Level, Studio 2

             9410 Fairgrove Lane, San Diego, CA 92129

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Community Representatives Links

  1. San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Battalion Chief Fry
  2. San Diego Police Department, Northeastern Substation (Officer Julie Dragt: ([email protected])
  3. San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, (Michaela Valk @ [email protected])08.31.2022 RPTC SFP
  4. S. Congressman 52nd District, Scott Peters (Jason Bercovitch: [email protected])
  5. CA State Senator District 39, Senator Toni Atkins (Diana Lara: [email protected])
  6. CA State Senator District 40, Senator Brian Jones (Marc Schaefer ([email protected]))
  7. CA State 77th Assembly District, Member Brian Maienschein (Rik Hauptfeld: [email protected])
  8. San Diego County, District 3 Supervisor Terra Lawson, (Evlyn Andrade: [email protected]
  9. San Diego City Council, Fifth District Marni von Wilpert, New 10/1/21( Khayri D. Carter, [email protected]),
  10. San Diego City Council, Sixth District Chris Cates New 01/06/22 (Denise Torres, [email protected])

Statement of Financial Position 08.31.2022 RPTC SFP

Meeting Agenda, 09.01.2022 RPTC Agenda Rev C