RP Town Council Board Candidate Filing Deadline Extended to May 4, 2018 -Get Your Name on the Ballot for May 6, 2018

The RP Town Council Board voted to extend the Board Candidate application filing deadline from April 21, 2018, to May 4, 2018, 11:59 PM. Fill out the form below now and hit send. It’s that easy to get your name on the ballot. We-Want-You to take action now and join us! We are up to good things around here: Think PQ, By PQ, For PQ #92129.There is still time to get your name on this weekends voting ballot during #PQFIESTA2018 !!  We have nine neighborhood district representatives who bring your voice to the table. Join other friendly locals with big hearts for our quality of life right here in PQ. We have lively and engaging conversations about the smart changes for more community events that bring us together and enhance our quality of life.

Get your application filled out now and join the movers and shakers dedicated to our community’s interests, events, and fireworks. Join today for a better tomorrow starting today! Make your mark and show your community pride. WE-WANT-YOU!

2020-2021 Candidate Application (rev2)
Current Address
If you do not know what elementary school district you are in, you can use a tool on the Poway Unified School District’s Web site to find out.
Choose up to four (4) words that will be printed on the Ballot to describe your principal profession, vocation, or occupation.
"I accept the nomination as a candidate for the Rancho de los Peñasquitos Town Council and declare that I am of legal voting age and will have been a resident of my District a minimum of 30 days prior to the May election. If elected, I pledge to serve the community to the best of my ability and to commit the time necessary to effectively perform my duties, to include attendance at required meetings. I request that my name and ballot identification be printed as indicated above on the official ballot and understand that candidates' names will be positioned as drawn by lot and that the elections will be governed by Town Council Bylaws."