Rancho Peñasquitos Town Council Meeting November 4 2021 7:30 PM ZOOM


Hello Friends and Neighbors,

We welcome you to join us for November 4, 2021, 7:30 PM Zoom Meeting.



Meeting Location: ZOOM Room Mtg 1.5 hours

Call to Order: 7:30 PM

President`s Remarks: 7:32 PM

Roll Call: 7:38 PM

Community Event Announcements: 7:40 PM

Winners of the 1st Annual Halloween Decoration Contest – Presenters Girl Scout Troup 4538


COVID-19 Update as of 10/27/21 ZIP code: 92129
Community name: Rancho Penasquitos New cases (in past 90 days): 745 Total cases: 2,877 Population: 52,563

Friends of Los Peñasquitos Preserve “ Hikes & Events: https://www.penasquitos.org/selfguided-hikes

Rancho Penasquitos Branch Library “ Contactless Open and Virtual events: https://sandiego.librarymarket.com/

Rancho YMCA “ Camps and Pools are now Open https://www.ymcasd.org/programs


Administrative Matters 7:45 PM

Agenda Modifications

Approval of outstanding Minutes 2020 “ September 2021, October 2021


Representative Reports: 7:50 PM *Some Representative may not be present“ We will skip to the 1st available

Visit online sites for updates until further notice

San Diego Fire-Rescue Department, Battalion Chief Fry

San Diego Police Department, Northeastern Substation (Officer Julie Dragt: ([email protected])

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, (Michaela Valk @ [email protected])

S. Congressman 52nd District, Scott Peters (Jason Bercovitch: [email protected]) https://scottpeters.house.gov/

CA State Senator District 39, Senator Toni Atkins (Diana Lara: [email protected]) https://sd39.senate.ca.gov/district

CA State 77th Assembly District, Member Brian Maienschein (Rik Hauptfeld: [email protected]) https://a77.asmdc.org/

San Diego County, District 3 Supervisor Terra Lawson, (Evlyn Andreda: [email protected] )https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/bos/district3.html

San Diego City Council, Fifth District Marni von Wilpert, New 10/1/21( Khayri D. Carter, [email protected]),


San Diego City Council, Sixth District Chris Cates New 10/1/21 (Sheldon Zemen, [email protected]) https://www.sandiego.gov/citycouncil/cd6/staff/cate


Public Commentary: 8:00 PM Limited to 3 minutes. No dialogue

Guest Speakers:  None


New Business 8:40 PM

1.Nonprofit Board Bios

2. Community Supported Events – Fundraising status, Board supported status

3. Student Representatives -Beth Kiernan


Committee/Representative Reports: 8:45 PM 3 minutes each

Executive Reports: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Parliamentarian, VP

Committee Reports

Community Partners & Events/Membership Committee “ Kate Glenn: Partnership Packages. Members NP Bios.

Fiesta/Fireworks “ Brian Reschke “

Government Affairs “ Dave DeVries “

Grants “ Alan Gin “ No Grants being written until further notice.

Safety & Health “ RPFSC, Mike Shoecraft

Web~Print~Social Media “ Kate Glenn & Darwin Villaruz

Ad Hoc “ Redistricting Committee 2021 “ Beth Kiernan –

Ad Hoc “ Ethics/Bylaws Committee. Tim Dougherty “

Representative Reports

Community Leaders Forum Jim Hogan

Maintenance Assessment District Brian Reschke

Parks & Rec Council Theresa Gonzaga

Planning Board “ Tim Dougherty

Poway Unified School District “ Jamal Felton

Community School Collaborative“No meeting to report

Town Council Members Comments: 8:50 PM (3 minutes per person, no discussion)

Adjourn: 9:00 PM


                Thank you to our Community Partner


Beth Kiernan “ Bronze

Bridget Palomino Real Estate Platinum

Bern McGovern-Off the 56 Platinum

Fox Graphics “ In Kind

Frescos Pizz-e-ria – Platinum

Roger Platt “ Centurion Pest Control


JJLaw – Platinum

J Lomahan “ Platinum

Lomahan Real Estate Corp

Kate Glenn “ Pawtails Petcare Platinum

Wave Church Platinum

Pam Campbell- ILend Girl

        Rancho de Los Peñasquitos Town Council Members for 2020-21



District 1 (Adobe Bluffs)

Kate Glenn (2022) President



District 2 (Canyon View)

Ranessa Santos-Packard (2022), Secretary


District 3 (Deer Canyon)

Alan Gin, (2022) Parliamentarian

Michael Jones (2022)


District 4 (Los Peñasquitos

Braden Overggard (2023)

Tiara Leonard (2022)


District 5 (Park Village)

Beth Kiernan, (2023)

Timothy Dougherty (2022)



District 6 (Rolling Hills)

Brian Reschke (2022) VP


District 7 (Sundance)

Jim Hogan (2023)

Dave DeVries (2022)



District 8 (Sunset Hills)

Theresa Gonzaga (2022)

Jamal Felton (2022) D8


District 9 (Torrey Highlands)

Darwin Villaruz (2022)


Members at Large

Ralph Peters (2022) D1

Matthew Megna, (2022) D7

Jocelyn Lomahan (2022)D5

Frank Xu (2022) D3

Active Committees & Current Members.


There is still room on these committees for you!  Reach out, join us in making a positive difference for RP!


Community Partners/Fundraising/Membership “ Kate Glenn, Chair, Members: Brian Reschke, Jocelyn Lomehan. Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours. Contact us to get involved @[email protected]


Web, Print & Social Media

Webmaster: Darwin Villaruz

Web/Print/Social Media: Kate Glenn

Monthly Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours or less. Contact us to get involved@ [email protected]


Community Events “ Spooktacular, Fiesta: Kate Glenn, Chair, Members: Brian Reschke, Jamal Felton, Jocelyn Lomehan. Monthly Zoom Mtgs scheduled for the middle of the month around the 15th of each month, 1-2 hours or less. Contact us to get involved @[email protected]


Banner District “ Kate Glenn. Contact Kate Glenn @ [email protected]


Health & Safety “ Niel Marmetto, Mike Shoecraft, Dennis Spurr. Fire Safety Seminars, Coyote Abatement and Health Fairs. Contact @[email protected].


Adhoc “ Re-Districting Committee “Beth Kiernan, Chair. Members: Ralph Peters, Tim Dougherty,Jamal Felton.  Zoom Mtgs are held twice a month, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. Contact the Chair @ [email protected]


Adhoc “ ByLaws/Ethics CommitteeAlan Gin,Advisor. Chair, Tim Dougherty, Co-Chair. Members: Ranessa Santos-Packard, Jamal Felton, and Beth Kiernan


Executive Board “ Monthly Meetings on the Tuesday a week prior to the monthly Board Mtg via Zoom.  Kate Glenn, President, Brian Reschke, VP, Alan Gin, Parliamentarian, Roger Platt, Treasurer.