Penasquitos Trail Closures May 18th – May 20th, 2022


We want to make you aware of some trail closures happening May 18-20 from 7:00 am to 1:00 PM.  We are performing our annual oak tree treatment for Gold Spotted Oak Borer.  We will need to close the trails during treatment. 

The schedule, which is subject to change, is as follows:

                May 18, 7:00 am- 1:00 PM  all Southside trails between Ranch House Crossing and the Waterfall

                May 19, 7:00 am “ 1:00 PM Southside trails between Carson`s Crossing and PQ Crossing also North Side Trails Ball Fields to Waterfall

                May 20, 7:00 am “ 1:00 PM North Side Trails Ball Fields to the Waterfall and Trans-County/Bill Witzell Trail between Black Mtn Rd and I-15


Find the trails here, Penasquitos Trail Map, Penasquitos Trails Map  

For a great visual of the trails check out

Ranger Gina Washington:

We really appreciate your cooperation as we take care of our oak trees and your safety.

Gina Washington, Senior Park Ranger

Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve Ranger District

PH (858) 538-8066

Days off Saturday, Sunday and every other Monday